ASLSJ Dictionary

2nd March 2020 at 9:35pm

ASLSJ is a text-based writing system for American Sign Language. It is intended to help with using computers to find examples of ASL words in everyday use.

Video Sources

ASL to English Dictionary


22nd February 2020 at 11:09pm

A Deaf signer speaks fluently and visually, and therefore provide the best examples to imitate. Many videos on the internet are from people who are learning ASL and are not good examples of the language. There are some videos by CODAs or interpreters which are good examples.

Dictionary websites generally try to make one short video per word, and have the movements crisp and clear. Conversations between Deaf people use more than just words: puppetry, facial expressions, puns, contractions, and so on. There has never been a dictionary that held all the words of any single language because languages are changing all the time, and in different ways for each region. The best they can do is capture a majority of the common words for major areas.

Simple dictionary websites:

    Examples of conversations: